Crete Bond (ECO) is SBR, multipurpose, concentrated, liquid polymer additive which when used with sand/cement, greatly improves the bond strength and flexibility. Being water resistant, Crete Bond (ECO) mixed with cement can be used as a water proofing sealer. It can also be used as an admix for renders/screeds importing high bond strength and flexibility. Crete Bond (ECO) can be applied to damp surfaces (not wet) and can be rendered or painted over.

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High Performance Polymer Additive for Cement and Concrete Mixes
Water resistant - used as a temporary waterproofing sealer on rooftops
High strength - ideal for patching, can be feathered out with minimal cracks
Non-toxic - Does not cause Occupational Health & Safety concerns


- Water resistant: can be used as a temporary waterproofing sealer on rooftops etc.
- High strength: ideal for use in patching mortars as it can be feathered out with minimal cracks, and also for use in coving areas.
- Non-toxic: does not cause occupational Health & Safety concerns.
- Reduce the cement : water ratio, which results in a stronger mortar/screed.


- As a temporary waterproofing sealer in high exposure areas such as rooftops, While new waterproofing membrane is being installed. When used under sheet membranes, it limits gassing.
- As a slurry coat prior to applying renders or toppings.
- As an admix for sand/cement mixes especially in repair mortars, fillets, covings, renders and screeds.
- As a bonding bridge for new to old concrete.


- Do not use Crete Bond Eco mortar to tile over concrete slabs subject to rising damp or hydrostatic pressure without first priming with CLI AT 108 Water based epoxy membrane in two coats at a coverage rate of 3 square metres per litre per coat. Refer to the CLI AT 108 Water based epoxy membrane data sheet for screed installation details.
- Protect Crete Bond Eco liquid from frost - do not allow to freeze.
- Do not apply Crete Bond Eco as a temporary waterproofing sealer if rain is imminent.
- Do not apply if the surface temperature is below 10°C or above 35°C.


Surface Preparation
The surface to be treated should be clean, sound, free from oil, grease, laitance etc. New concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 28 days prior to application of Crete Bond ( ECO) water resistant or binder coat. New brickwork walls, sand/cement render or screeds should be left for at least 7 days before application of the Crete Bond ( ECO) water resistant or binder coat.

Temporary Waterproofing : 1 part Crete Bond (ECO) : 2 parts cement, (by volume).
Admix for render / screed / coving : Mix 1 Part Crete Bond (ECO) with 3 parts water and use as the gauging mix (mixing water) with a 3 : 1 or 4 : 1 sand / cement mix.
Binder coat : 1 part Crete Bond Eco : 1 part water : 4 parts cement (by volume).


Temporary Waterproof
Mix Crete Bond (ECO) with fine cement to a lump free consistency. Pre-moisten the concrete then apply a first coat using a brush or roller to achieve 1 mm wet bed thickness. Allow first coat to set, then apply second coat at right angles to the first application to ensure no pin-holing occurs.

Slurry Coat
Mix to a thin binder and spread the mix over the surface with brush or roller, or small broom. Maximum thickness recommended is 2mm. While the binder coat is still wet, apply render or screed over it.

Render / Coving
Apply binder coat on the prepared surface. While the binder coat is wet apply the Crete Bond (ECO) mortar mix with a wood float trowel, ensuring firm pressure on the trowel to work the render into good contact with the surface.

A minimum thickness of 15mm is recommended when using diluted Crete Bond (ECO) instead of water. For a thickness greater than 40mm, reinforcing mesh is required.

Using a roller, brush or a flat trowel, coat the prepared area with a binder coat of Crete Bond (ECO) to improve adhesion to the substrate.

Apply the screed mix whilst the binder coat is still wet using a straight edge, trowel or timber batten to level the screed. Achieve falls in shower recesses to a minimum 1:60: internal wet areas (eg bathrooms) to a minimum of 1:80: and external areas to a minimum of 1:100.

Screeds should be left with a wood float finish to create a key for tiling and waterproofing. When reinforcing the screed with mesh, apply first layer of screed, lay in the mesh and apply the second layer of the screed. Do not lay the mesh directly onto the substrate.


Approximately 16 hours (overnight) at 23°C and 50% relative humidity when used for water resistant or render/screed.


Clean tools with water before the mortar dries.


20 Litres


Temporary Waterproofing

12m² (2 coats

20 litres covers

at 1mm/coat)²

Slurry coat

1 litre cover 3m²

As a render (15mm thick)

1 litre cover 2m²



Thin, white liquid

Specific Gravity

1.0 kg/litre


-9 - 10

Tensile adhesion over concrete (7 days)

1.5 Mpa

Hydrostatic pressure resistance

50 psi (0.34MPa)

Flexural strength As additive to screed


VOC Content

32 g/L


Crete Bond (ECO) is non-hazardous and non-dangerous goods. Do not breathe gas/fumes/vapour/ spray. Avoid contact with skin. Wear eye/face protection. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice. When used with mortar ( which is alkaline) skin contact should be avoided. Wear gloves and protective clothing.


Shelf life is approx. 12 months when stored in the original unopened packaging in a dry place at 30°C and 50% relative humidity. Protect liquid from frost, do not allow to freeze.


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