The concept of Terrazzo introduced in the Middle East thousand years ago have been in vogue for many centuries in many countries including in India. They have been designed and redesigned, modified, innovated over the years and thus resemble the modern cement terrazzo floorings of the present. Carbolink India, with a penchant of introducing durable and innovative flooring concepts to India, introduced Polyurethane Terrazzo Floorings for the first time.

CLI offers a unique canvas for the designers to bring their innovative ideas into the remains of reality. The ability of PU binder to accept a variety of filters such as marble, granite, coloured glass, natural stones and even mother of pearls into the matrix as well as the availability of multitude of colours offer an unlimited option of designing your floor a work of art - different patterns, colours and motifs - all under your feet.

Carbolink India Terrazzo, other than offering a fodder for your creativity, also offers unlimited advantages over various other flooring substitutes such as marbles, tiles, stones, vinyl, etc. CLI Terrazzo offers exceptionally high sustainability and durability with a minimum life span of 20 years. With its very low replacement and maintenance costs, CLI Terrazzo has the lowest life-cycle in comparison with other flooring options. Polyurethane Terrazzo floors are generally free of conventional joints and thus offering a complete protection against bacterial and microbial attack.

Carbolink India Terrazzo has an impermeable surface free of porosity. This results in not only a stain-resistant surface, preventing penetration of any liquid spillages, but also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Use of harsh detergents and cleaning agents become redundant and what's more - No more dust accumulation.