About us

Founded in INDIA over years ago, Carbolink has developed into a successful company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for flooring, waterproofing, wood coatings, decorative floorings & wall coatings and many more in the Construction sector. The future success of Carbolink is not only dependent on pursuing the right strategy, but with mutual trust between Contractors, Applicators & Clients. Carbolink delivers tailored solutions for all construction markets there by ensuring Trust, quality and smile among all its Clients.

Carbolink has developed a substantial reputation for developing innovative products. With time Carbolink has proven itself to deliver innovative, high quality and amazing products to clients which made Carbolink a Brand which is it now. Carbolink now manufacturers and delivers products to the Top Brands on Earth such as Google, Volkswagen, ISRO, ABB and many others. Carbolink Manufactures Products Such as :

  • Construction
  • Self Leveling Compounds
  • Wall Finishes
  • Wood Coatings
  • Grouts & Anchors
  • Curing Compounds
  • Waterproofing
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Heat Reflective Coatings
  • Protective Concrete Coatings
  • Anti Corrosive Coatings
  • Speciality Concrete
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Tiling Products
  • Repairing Compounds
  • Road Marking Paint
  • Sealants
  • Decorative Flooring
  • Sports Flooring
  • Car Park Flooring
  • Floor Hardener

With manufacturing facilities in India, Carbolink is successfully supplying materials all though the country maintaining quality, time & trust. Carbolink now is the Country's Most Trusted Construction Chemical Manufacturing Brand. With the support of our multinational manufacturing group, Carbolink India today has support centers across the country, strategically placed to provide consistent high standards of product and service.

Carbolink, with its origin in India, is a proud part of our Prime Minister Modi's Make In India initiative. Chemicals is 2.11% of India's GDP and has more than 70,000 commercial products. Carbolink manufactures and ensure our client's satisfaction from the best in modern technology with our strong focus on research and development and the consistent innovation of new and improved products.