Tile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive

Tile adhesives are usually cement or polymer dispersion systems to attach ceramic tiles on various substrates by thin bed method. Dispersion based tile adhesives are easy to apply since no further mixing is required.
On the other hand, tile cement are powder based on cement as which are binders and require mixing with additional water. Also, tile adhesive formulation are various according to local building cultures and different raw materials.

Normal Tile Adhesive

Normal tile cement is usually economic mortar which has lower content of cement and (Redispersible polymer powder) than standard tile cement. RDP is optional additive (below 1% in dry mortar).

Standard Tile Adhesive

Standard tile cement (C1) is cementitious adhesive as prescribed in EN12004.

High Performance Tile Adhesive

High performance tile cement (C2) is a special cementitious adhesive with additional characteristics as prescribed in EN12004.