CLI - 101 2K PU

Elastomeric Membrane


CLI-101 2K PU Membrane is a two components liquid product ready to use, based on moisture curing special polyurethane resins, that provides a high performance waterproof membrane designed for long-term protection and waterproofing of concrete, cement-based mortars, bricks, tiles, etc.,

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- Highly flexible & durable
- Two Components
- Highly flexible
- Permanently Elastomeric
- Tough & Hardwearing
- Requires no re-inforcing
- Internal and External application


- Concrete
- Cement Render
- Blockwork and Brickwork
- Fibrous Cement Sheeting
- Water Resistant Plasterboard
- Plywood
- Particle board


Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be firm, dry, sound and smooth. All grease, oil, wax, curing compound, dust, plaster droppings, loose material, paint and any other contaminants must be removed. Building boards must be fixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. Allow concrete to cure for 28 days and cement render for 7 days prior to the application of CLI 101 2K PU Membrane. Do not apply over concrete slabs that are damp or contain moisture unless the slab has been primed with CLI-358 Moisture Insensitive Primer.


Generally surfaces do not require priming. In areas where the substrate is damp or water is likely to rise up below the membrane, then CLI358 must be used Prior to the application of CLI 101 2K PU E M. Highly porous substrates should be primed with IF N - 18. It is a water insensitive epoxy which dries to form a waterproof barrier.


Clean and remove any loose particles in the crack. Prime the area carefully before patching the crack with neutral cure silicone sealant. Extent the silicone 5mm either side of the crack along its entire length. Apply two coats of CLI 101 2K PU E M over the crack to achieve a minimum thickness of 1.2mm dry film.
Prepare the crack and apply the silicone as described above. Apply a 300mm wide band of mixed CLI-101 2K PU E M along the entire length of the crack. Place a 200mm wide band of polyester reinforcement mat into the wet membrane. Remove any creases or air pockets in the mat. Immediately apply a second coat to completely fill the mat.


Clean and prime the joint before filling it with a bead of neutral cure silicone and extending it 5mm each side of joint. Apply a 300mm wide band of mixed along the entire length of the joint and use reinforcing mat as a slip membrane over the joint.


Apply one coat of CLI - 101 PU E M to the edge of the joint. Whilst the membrane is wet insert the Joint bridging band along the length of the joint. Immediately apply a second coat over the entire bandage.
Note: If tiling, Construction joints should be taken to the surface of the tiles.

Fill the joints between the tiles on top of the Construction joints with an appropriate joint Sealant.


After priming apply a generous bead (10mm) of neutral cured silicone sealant in coving areas and corners.

Smooth over the silicone so that it extends 5mm up the wall and 5mm over the floor. Apply a first coat of to the area and allow the membrane to dry. Apply a second coat ensuring that excess product is removed from the junction (the final dry film thickness should be around 1.21.5mm). For heavy foot traffic areas a reinforcing mat is required between coats.


After priming apply two coats of in opposite directions on vertical surfaces. Take the membrane up underneath any existing cover flashing or install appropriate flashing. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. in opposite directions on vertical surfaces. Take the membrane up underneath any existing cover flashing or install appropriate flashing. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat.
The top of the parapet should be waterproofed with or covered with suitable metal capping, render or protective coating.


The application of CLI - 101 2K PU E Membrane must comply with as 3740-2004 “waterproofing of internal wet areas in residential buildings”. CLI - 101 2K PU E Membrane can be applied with a brush or roller. CLI - 101 2K PU E Membrane must be applied to achieve a dry film thickness of 1.0mm for optimum performance. To achieve the required dry film thickness apply the CLI - 101 2K PU E Membraneat a rate of 0.60 2 litres/m per coat. Two coats are required.
Allow a minimum of 24 hours between coats. Note: Protection boards must be used to protect the membrane before back filling or concreting.
Note: Protection boards must be used to protect the membrane before back filling or concreting.


CLI - 101 2K PU E Membrane is supplied in 10Kg, 25kg. Pack. It is available in White, Grey, Green, Red and Black colour.


It can be stored upto twelve months in its original unopened pack with temperatures between 50 c and 350 c.


It s advisable to use good occupational health and safety practices to avoid personal contact. For more detailed information refer to product msds.

Product should only be applied under conditions of good ventilation and should be kept away from sensitive areas of the body as prolonged exposure may cause skin and/or respiratory irritation.
- Protective mask and safety glasses should be worn for spray applications due to atmospheric particulates.
- Avoid contact with the skin, eyes and avoid breathing its vapour.
- Wear protective gloves and glasses when open lid handing and in the application process.
- If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poison Information Centre.
- If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, give a glass of water.
- If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly using bostik hnadi-clean towels.
- If in eyes, hold eyes open, flood with water for atleast 15 minutes and see a doctor.


Characteristics of the Product


Two component homogeneous paste

Density (g/cm3 )

1,35 + or - 0,05.

Application conditons / Curing time

Application conditons, T ( C)/R.H (%)

>5 /<90

Drying time at 20 C y 50 % of R.H. (h)

10 - 12

Characteristics for cured Product

Crack-bridging capability, NFT 30/703 (mm)

Curing for 7 days at 23 C and 50% R.H.


Curing for 3 days at 23 C and 50% R.H. & 4 days at -20 C


Elongation at break, ISO 37/1994 (%)


Tensile strength, ISO 37/1994 (MPa)

3, 05

Adhesion on concrete, ASTM D-4541 (MPa)

2, 6 (Breaks the substrate)

Water vapour permeability, EN-ISO 7783

Sd (m, layer of air)

1, 16 / 1054

Approximate consumption per layer / Thickness

Approximate consumption per layer / total application (kg/m2 )

0,5 - 0,6 / 1,0 - 1,2

Approximate thickness per layer / total application (mm)

0,5 / 1,0


- CLI-101 2K PU Membrane can be affected by a superficial colour change over a long period of time exposed to uv rays. Therefore, if a permanent aesthetic finish is required an aliphatic polyurethane top coat such as CLI305 Aliphatic PU topping can be used.
- CLI-101 2K PU Membrane should not be installed on damp, wet, contaminated or friable substrates.
- Excessive water under the membrane will create bubbling.
- Do not apply the product in extreme 0 0temperatures of below 5 c & above 50 c


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