CLI MC 100



CLI MC 100 is a versatile, one part, patching and repair compound for repair project of all types. Requiring only the addition of water, CLI MC 100 is a high strength material, which is easy to use with an extended working time for ease of placement. It is similar in appearance to concrete and is suitable for use as a topping, patching mortar or repair material on horizontal surfaces.

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• Can be used as a pumpable or pourable repair micro concrete where access is restricted.
• Highly fluid to allow for placement without vibration.
• Compensates for shrinkage by expansion.
• Premixed, ready to use.
• Long working time.
• High strengths with low permeability.
• Chloride free.


• Parking decks
• Floor toppings
• Joint repairs
• Equipment bases
• Pedestals
• Pavements


• New concrete must be a minimum of 28 days if an epoxy adhesive will be used to the topping. If a slurry bond coat is used, the concrete must be a minimum of 3 days old.
• The concrete must be clean and rough. All oil, dirt, debris, paint and unsound concrete must be removed. The surface must be prepared mechanically using a scrabber, brush hammer, shot blast or scarifier which will give a surface profile of a minimum 1/8” ( # mm) and expose the large aggregate of the concrete.
• The final step is cleaning should be the complete removal of all residue with a vacuum cleaner or pressure washing. All concrete must possess an open surface texture with all curing compounds and sealers removed. Several hours prior to placing, the concrete substrates should be saturated with clean water. Remove any standing water. Alternatively, use a bonding system.
• After the surface has been prepared, prime all area with either a slurry coat of CLI SBR 41C or an epoxy bonding agent such as CORR-BOND. The primer bonding agent must be ordered separately.
• Edges should be saw cut to ¼ ” (6 mm) deeper than the topping thickness and repair to provide a locked in reinforced edge. Moving joints as in the case of expansion joints should be brought up through the repair by saw cutting or with the use of divider strip.
• Exposed rebar may be treated with an anti- corrosion coating such as CORR-BOND or CLI Prime Zn. Remove all loose rust and scaling, preferably by sandblasting to white metal prior to coating the rebar.
• For repair sections generally deeper than 100 mm it may be necessary to mix the CLI MC 100 with properly graded 5 mm to 12 mm silt free aggregate to minimize temperature rise. The quantity of aggregate required may vary depending on the nature and configuration of the repair location. It should be a max. of 8 kg pea gravel per bag of CLI MC 100.
• Small quantities may be mixed with a drill and “jiffy” mixer. Use a paddle type mortar mixer for large jobs. All materials should be in the proper temperature range of 15 degrees C – 32 degrees C.
• Add the appropriate amount of water for the batch size and then add the dry product. Mix a minimum of three minutes.
• If pea gravel is to be added, do so now and mix an additional 2-3 minutes. The mixed product should be transported to the repair area and placed immediately.
• Discharge material from mixer and place. For patching with a trowel, come –a-long, or square tipped shovel to a thickness that matches the surrounding concrete.
• Finish to desired texture. On large floor areas, used screed strips as guides in combination with vibratory screeding to level. Compact and finish by hand or machine trowel.
• If placed by pump, standard concrete pumping practice should be followed.
• If poured in the form work, avoid air entrapment by pouring from one side only.
• Finish the repair material to the desired texture. Do not add additional water to the surface during the finishing operation.
• To prevent surface cracking, cure the floor with curing compound. In hot, windy or direct sunlight situations, re-wet the surface after the curing compound has dried and cover with polyethylene for a minimum of three days. If curing compound is not desired, wet cure for a minimum of three days.


Compressive Strength Age, Mpa

• 1 day

• 3 days

• 7 days

• 28 days





Physical Appearance

Cementitious grey powder

Flexural Strength 28 days, Mpa



25 kg bag yields 0.0125 m3 of CLI MC 100 when mixed with 3.875 L of water.


Clean all tools immediately after use with Xylene. Do no allow the material to harden.


• Use goggles and hand gloves and mask during application.
• Clean hands with warm soap water after application.


Available in 25 kg Pack.


Store in a cool dry place under shed away from heat. The shelf life of product is 9 months in original unopened sealed condition.


Sold subject to the Company's conditions of sale which are available on request.


The information supplied in this datasheet is based upon extensive experience and is given in good faith in order to help you. Our Company policy is one of continuous Research and Development; we therefore reserve the right to update this information at any time without prior notice. We also guarantee the consistent high quality of our products; however as we have no control over site conditions or the execution of the work, we accept no liability for any loss or damage which may arise as a result thereof.