Movie Theatre Floorings


A great place to share popcorn and enjoy the latest flicks, the movie theater attracts couples, individuals and families. With candy, soda, ice cream and the inevitable piece of gum, keeping movie theater floors clean and presentable is an ongoing task. With Carbolink’s epoxy resin floor coating, movie theater guests enjoy sanitary, comfortable surroundings while enjoying the show.

Epoxy Flooring for Protection Against Spills and More

Movie theaters are subject to heavy foot traffic in all kinds of weather conditions. Whether trampled by pointed stilettos in the evening or muddy shoes on a rainy day, movie theater floors must resist scuffs and scratches for years at a time. Investing in high performance flooring options, such as epoxy resin floor coating from Carbolink Inida, welcomes patrons into a comforting environment—without the sticky floor.

Between stain resistance, a limited need for maintenance, and reduction of slips-and-falls, Carbolink’s epoxy floor coating solutions help ensure floors can sustain heavy traffic while retaining the appearance of “like-new” flooring for years to come.

Advantages of Epoxy Resin Coatings in Movie Theatre
Epoxy resin floor paint coating solutions and other Carbolink India’s systems stand up to years of wear-and-tear, with economical scratch-resistant properties designed to hold strong after thousands of movie premiers. Some of the major advantages of epoxy or resin floor include the following:

Waterproof flooring that includes an elastomeric underlayment for upper levels, can reduce bacterial and fungus buildup in the floor slab. That can save on expensive structural repairs down the line. Due to the minimal pores, nicks or seams in epoxy and other resinous flooring, liquid has few places to go, resulting in a stain-resistant floor that holds up against muddy shoes and cola spills.

Easy cleaning
The waterproof properties of epoxy floors expedite cleaning and prevent the need for professional restoration. Because epoxy is dense, bacteria is typically not able to penetrate the material and there is less need for a variety of cleaning materials. The overall result is more sterile and sanitary floors for patrons throughout the day. For extra security in restrooms and food service areas, Anti-microbial additive can further inhibit the growth and proliferation of microbes.

High durability against ongoing foot traffic and in equipment storage—this material is designed to stand up to heavy vehicular traffic in industrial facilities, so it will hold up against virtually anything, resisting damage over time.

Creating an Atmosphere with Designer Epoxy Coatings
In the entertainment industry, the competition couldn’t get stiffer. As popular subscriber-based services attempt to get moviegoers to stay home instead of enjoying a night out, theater owners must stay diligent to ensure patrons view their experience positively and want to return. Maintaining a clean, stylish and relaxing cinema ambience encourages patrons to compliment movie theaters’ efforts with repeat business.

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